26 March 2008

Theodore Roosevelt, by Henry F. Pringle (1931)

+ "The author said then, and reiterates now, that Theodore Roosevelt was polygonal."

+ Time Magazine: "Through biographer Pringle you hear Roosevelt."

+ 2.0 out of 5 stars impersonal look at Teddy, November 20, 2004. By lordhoot "lordhoot" (Anchorage, Alaska USA) - (TOP 500 REVIEWER). I found Henry F. Pringle's biography on Theodore Roosevelt to be bit overrated. Probably because it was published back in 1931 that make the material so dated. Passage of time and reassessment of Theodore Roosevelt make this book somewhat of an oddity. Despite of being published just 12 years after Roosevelt's death, it was interesting to read that this was basically a pretty negative outlook on a great American. The style of his writing, the way he jumped forward and backward simply confused the subject matter sometimes.

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