27 March 2008

A Note on the Poet's Animation of the Pringle

To date, I've given three readings of the opening of The Death of Pringle (Book 1 of The Dope on the Arch of the Dust). Each time, people are caught up in one way or another with the fact that I've given voice to a Pringle. Some find the implicit humor problematic, while others are overwhelmed by their laughter's stupidity. (No jab here: it's all historical). Well, my friends, a short research sabbatical into Google's Image repository proves that Pringles were ALWAYS ALREADY primed to speak, before your Poet got to them, thanks to the marketing expertise of Pringle Corp, aka PROCTOR & GAMBLE, a serious playa in the world of domineering Mother Fuckers. So heed the data, fair auditors ~ and don't tell me that face ain't a crisp. No longer shall my verses be laughed upon:

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