16 January 2008

Air Force Plane Crashes on Salton Sea

Obviously a Battle of some kind occurred, probly with a rebel squadron within the USAF ranks. Lunatic mountain people I bet, real hillbillies, and all got creamed but not b4 taking out a few Allies:

"Navy records, which are fragmentary, indicate that four Wildcats, two Corsairs, two Hellcats, four patrol planes, two Helldivers and 10 Avengers crashed into the Salton Sea...and more than three dozen crew members died." - Reference

* * *

+ 75218/75588 - Curtiss SB2C-1A Helldiver - 75319 MBDAG-41 10.04.44 Ca, Salton Sea Dove-in during dive bomb practice 10mi.W of Salton Sea - Reference

+ Late May, or early June, 1944 - U.S. Navy Lieutenant Donald A. Innis, after whom Innis Road at Harvey Field is named, was over the Salton Sea in Southern California on a rocket firing flight when a rocket body exploded prematurely on his starboard wing. His F6F Hellcat fighter which was in a 15-degree dive at the time went into a slow spin and crashed into the sea. - Reference

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