18 July 2008

July 19: Happy Birthday Tom Raworth

A Sectarian Stilt for Tom Raworth

I've belief that from a plane
upon a wrecked green angle,
like in zoom did you then ouais
shut that scoping aromatic abs
traction of a glove all soaked
back across from those pictures
of a day/glo spangling dagger fa
ding up: hey collect real fist in
da bodacious horizontal gleam'f
a horde'f invisible christians,
and steady didst thou march with
out anything but just the few
things ya'd steady marcheth to,
at what cannot present the fear
that wholly eats the day alive.

June 17, 2008

1 comment:

Tom said...

indeed, left-footer was how catholics were call in N.Ireland and W. Scotland.... day going fine so far... waiting for few friends to come by and eat and drink.... love, and thanks... Tom