11 May 2008

The Argument

The Death of Pringle,

in which is related the Discursive Alignment of the Battlefield to Come. Our Story takes place in the Environs of Southern California’s Salton Sea, a World unto itself, where a Party of Alchemical Topologists and Real Bureaucrats have Launched an Imperial Scheme for World Domination. With the Power of a Mysterious 4-Dimensional Dust, an Infinite Research Grant, and a Fortified Lab Complex, these Imperial Mother Fuckers have acquired a Total Copy of Washington DC’s own Sonny Bono Memorial Park, binding it to the Interior of a Transparent Virtual Reality Sphere, and accessing, by means of this Chamber, a Fundament giving Real Physique to Architectures once Spectral. And the Roll of the Great Plan continues. A Synthetic Atmosphere of Electro-Magnetized Dust is to be installed over and around the Sea, hermetically priming this Zone for Discrete Terraformalization. Upon the Accumulation of Power to the Critical Degree, it is the Vile Mother Fuckers' Intention to Sublimate the Transparent Sphere’s Outputs into the Ontological Function of the Atmospheric Dust, saturating the newly Truncated Sky with the Pure Stuff of the Virtual. The Entire Region becomes the Augmented Total Copy of the Sonny Bono Memorial Park, scaled up Two Thousand Four Hundred and Eighty One Times its Actual Size. The Sea is converted into the Park’s Kentucky Bluegrass when the Mother Fuckers fill it full of Rotting Meat and let it grow its Own, such that this One Celestial Seed, bound in its Glowing Atmospherics, cuts its Ties to the Earth to Ever Propagate the Long Aether. The People, whom the Mother Fuckers have Tempted into Passive Alignment with Indefinite Free Lunch, must tend for Eternity the Park’s Banal Landscaping. And so goes the Evil Plan, but not unchallenged. A Pringle vested with the Power of Speech has Freed itself from the Lab Fortress, being one Pringle who has undergone Purchase and Storage, Stocked in the Laboratory as an Object of Experiment. Upon Escape, the Free Pringle brings News of the Imperial Machinations to the People. The Poets welcome this Talking Commodity and attend to its Speech; but the People, blinded by the Ease of their Freedom, fail to Listen to this Piece of their Food. It is thus that the Fate of the Commons and Autonomy itself is an Imperative Function of the Efficacy of the Poets’ Song. Will their Lyrics be well enough Advanced to Hijack the Technoitopian Scheming of the Imperial Regime? Can a Pringle really DIE?

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Anonymous said...

hm. much more clear.
RE: Dust & ...: :

no, a Pringle never dies
well, not really

& u must read The Possibility
of an Island if u haven't yet

i'll send u a CD with previously
mentioned Serbian Gypsy's music

enjoy mother's day
cello 4 methinks rather then opera tonight
but good luck!

theme song of the day: here comes my man